Return To Bowls – Pennant Venues Restrictions

An update on the Border Restrictions and the impact on Mansfield and Swanpool Home Games. Reading of the current restrictions that impact on ‘Border Bubble’ people and their Border Permits if they travel to either Mansfield or Swanpool is as follows:

  • Provided that people living in the ‘Bubble’ and have a NSW Travel Permit (Border Permit) there is no restrictions on travel provided they don’t travel to an ‘AREA OF CONCERN’ (Presently none in Victoria) or a RESTRICTED AREA (Melbourne listed Post Codes only). There is no requirements for people living in the Border Bubble from travelling to Mansfield or Swanpool and then needing to isolate for 14 days before crossing in to NSW – provided they have a valid ‘Border Permit’

The official advice from NSW Health is:

Travelling from a Victorian area of concern or a restricted area

You may not be granted a permit to enter NSW if you have travelled in a Victorian area of concern or a restricted area within the previous 14 days.

Please refer to the border entry rules for further information.

Unless there are further restrictions imposed by NSW then all Pennant Home Games for Mansfield and Swanpool will be played on their Club Greens unless advised otherwise.

NSW based clubs need to note that neither Mansfield or Swanpool players can enter NSW. Until Border restrictions are eased. Any Home games programmed against either club must be played in Victoria.

The Wodonga Weekend Pennant A4 game is now swapped back to Swanpool.