State Event

Results – State Mixed Pairs Final

With some great weighted shots Anne Miles and Ian Brimblecombe got out to a good lead 7/0 after 2 ends, but then on the completion of the 5th end and some great bowling, Lynne and John Foots closed the gap to 5/8. Anne and Ian claimed the next two ends raising the score to 12/11.

The 8th end saw the shot bowl changing many times. John picked the jack up with his last bowl to pick up 4 shots, closing the overall score to within 3 shots.

The 9th end saw both Ian and John change the situation with their bowls. In the next end with the Foots holding 2 shots. Anne, as she does, draws to take the end 1 shot in their favour and Ian added another shot to make it holding 2. Not to be outdone, John killed the end.

Winning the next 3 ends, Ian and Anne increased their lead to 18/9.

With the score at 21/10 Lynne and John were finding it challenging to hold shot. Anne was keeping the pressure on Lynne and Ian with great weight control had John pulling out the big shots to change the head.

The final score after the 17th end was Ian and Anne 25 shots, Lynne and John 11.

Congratulations to Anne and Ian, Ovens and Murray Mixed Pairs Champions 2019/20.