State Event

Results – State Fours played at Wangaratta BC – 01 Nov 20


Due to there only being 5 Entries, a Round Robin of 5 Games was the fairest way to conduct the Event, With all Teams playing each other, and each Team would have a bye. Three rounds were played on Sunday,

The next 2 rounds to decide the winner will be played next Sunday afternoon.


Round 1

Cheryl Morgan (S), Maxine Bounader, Louise Farrer, Julie Jones from Wodonga had a bye

Peta Mattys Team Defeated Mary Tragardh’s Team (names not supplied for either Team)  20/11

Anne Miles (S), Claire Sanders, Laureen Smith, Kylie Whitehead Defeated lyn Kalfeldt’s Team (names not supplied) from Wangaratta  17/9

Round 2

Anne Miles Team had a bye

Cheryl Morgan’s Team defeated Peta Matty’s Team    13/11

Mary Tragardh ‘s Team Defeated Lyn Kalfeldt’s Team  18/11

Round 3

Peta Matty’s Team had the bye

Lyn Kalfeldt’ Team Defeated Cheryl Morgan’s Team  13/12

Mary Tragardh’s Team Defeated Anne Miles Team    16/14

This Event is set for an exciting finish next Sunday afternoon


6 Teams were Entered and played in 2 Sections of 3 Teams


Round 1

Jim Lefevre (S), Peter McLarty, Andrew Lefevre, Garry Sanders from YMGCR had a bye

Maurie Braden (S), Greg McDonald, Greg Braden, Brian Chalman from Wangaratta Defeated Josh Rudd’s Team (names not supplied)  15/7

Round 2

Maurie Braden’s Team had a bye

Jim Lefevre’s Team Defeated Josh Rudd’s Team  18/11

Round 3

Josh Rudd’s Team had a bye

Jim Lefevre’s Team Defeated Maurie Braden’s Team  27/4 and win Section 1


Round 1

Ron Boulton (S), Frank Artis, Wayne Furze, Theo Zabilowicz from Yackandanda had a bye

Ian Brimblecombe (S), Adrien Pantling, Ethan Fruend, Craig Fruend Defeated Lance Bradshaw (S), Shane Mathieson, Wayne Armistead, Doug Stewart  22/9

Round 2

Lance Bradshaw’s Team had a bye

Ian Brimblecombe’s Team Defeated Ron Boulton’s Team  19/11 to win the section

The Final of the Men’s State Fours will be played at Wangaratta BC next Sunday 8th of November

Thanks to Wangaratta BC for providing good greens and their hospitality in the day