State Event

Results – State Fours played at Wangaratta 8 Nov 20

Regional Fours Final at Wangaratta played on a good day and a fast green.


The ladies had 2 games to complete their round robin.

In the last round Mary Tragardh played Maxine Bounader and in a close game Mary’s team won by one shot.

In the other game Anne Miles played Peta Mattys, Peta’s team got away from the start to lead 11 –3.

Anne then pegged back to go into the last end trailing by one shot, and scoring a 3  claimed the ladies fours title with her team of Clare Sanders , Laureen Smith and Kylie Whitehead.


The mens final between J.LeFevre, A.LeFevre. G.Sanders, & P. McLarty  a composite from YMGC and Wodonga  against I.Brimblecome,A .Pantling,E.Freund & C.Freund  from Wangaratta.

At the start LeFevre’s team started well to lead 12 – nil after 5 ends. Brimblecombe’s team picked up and after 13 ends the score was 12 – 16. The next 3 ends went to LeFevre with singles to make his team 19 – 12.  Ian won the last two ends with scores of 2 & 3 , but Jim’s team won by two shots in an exciting final, and became the region fours winners.

Congratulations to both winning teams, and thanks to Wangaratta  for the use of their greens and for hosting this event