Region AGM Postponed

March 24th 2020

Dear Secretaries, CCO’s and /or Presidents and current members of O&M committees.

The O&M Board had the optimistic idea of trying to proceed with the AGM around the usual time this year. At the time of the decision, the social distancing recommendations seemed to be workable.

Since then the various governments have ramped up the social distancing requirements, have implored us to reconsider travel and discourage any largish congregations of people. Taking these recommendations into account, it seems foolhardy to continue to plan to draw people together for a meeting.

So the O&M region Board has decided that the AGM for season 2019-2020 will be postponed until a future time. We will be guided by the responses of government as to when that time will be.

The current Board and committees will continue in their roles until the AGM can be held.

This means that the Board will continue any business but will primarily be communicating by email.

The Pennant committee will be reviewing the past season and making recommendations as to the promotion and relegation of sides (as usual) and generally preparing for the 20-21 season.

The Competition and Selection (match) committee has had their responsibilities cut short with the abandonment of region representative games and champions week, so will be quiet until the need to prepare next seasons calendar. This will be contingent on BV and their actions as to preparation of calendars. Who knows what will happen.

In these troubling and uncertain times we need to be aware of each other and, as we are being told repeatedly, our actions can impact on others in our community.

The Board can only strongly reiterate, keep safe, respect the warnings being given by medical advisors and relayed by our governments, obey the social distancing guidelines and do your bit to help control the spread of covid-19.

The letter written by Tony Sherwill on March 23rd, which is posted on the BV website is a timely reminder of what we can and need to do to keep our bowling community safe both physically and emotionally.

Please keep in touch with each other,

Laureen                                                                                                                            Graham

President O&M Board                                                                                                    Secretary O& M Board                                                                                              

0409739459                                                                                                                    0411 090 940